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Marketplace Blueprint: Product Marketing Strategies for Amazon

Dec 17, 2019

Does adding keywords to a listing really increase sales?

Amazon tells us that people find products primarily through search.  Adding additional keywords gives your products more doorways for customers to find your product.  Adding keywords to the backend of a listing or to the existing bullets or title of a listing can make a significant difference in the sales velocity and potential advertising costs for a product.  

You can add additional keywords for your product in the title, bullets, and backend keywords for a product.  The impact these changes will have on your sales velocity will depend on:

  • How the listing was before being optimized
  • Amount of research that went into the keywords
  • Competitiveness of the keywords added

In this episode, Nate and Robyn share about adding additional keywords to your listing, what type of keywords to prioritize, and what you should avoid when updating your product detail pages on Amazon.


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