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Marketplace Blueprint: Product Marketing Strategies for Amazon

Jan 28, 2020

In this episode of the Marketplace Blueprint Podcast, Robyn speaks with Melissa Burdick President and cofounder of Pacvue and Matt McGrory Senior Account Marketing Manager at Pacvue about how to get the most out of your advertising dollar on Amazon. 

Matt and Melissa share from their experience of working with a large number of advertisers.  Pacvue is a third-party tool that allows sellers and brand owners to automate their ads on Amazon.  To be successful in advertising on Amazon it is about making sure that you are using a strategy that will maximize your budget and existing traffic for your product.  

We also recently published an article in Search Engine Journal on the "Top 11 Amazon Advertising Mistakes To Avoid," that we recommend for those looking for ways to be more effective with Amazon advertising. 


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