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Marketplace Blueprint: Product Marketing Strategies for Amazon

Apr 28, 2020

In this episode of the Marketplace Blueprint podcast, Robyn speaks with Gary Huang regarding his experience interviewing over 20 Seven Figure Ecommerce Sellers and Experts.

#1 Successful Entrepreneurs Get Around Excuses
#2 Get off of Amazon to find profitable products
#3 Apply the 80/20 rule to save time and increase profits
#4 Build a superstar team
#5 Building a brand is more critical than ever to rank products, get reviews, and sell your business for a higher multiple
#6 Keywords for PPC campaigns - need to balance data with common sense, so you don’t pay the “idiot tax.”
#7 Whatever gets measured gets managed
#8 Split Test ideas cheaply and quickly
#9 Focus on the BOTTOM line, not on the Top Line.
#10 Selling a business - need to be smart to get a higher multiple